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Court Reporting

Reporter Services

Same-day Drafts (Roughs)
We can send you a highly accurate draft transcript that can be provided within hours of the conclusion of your proceeding.
realtime services
T&T Reporting has the most certified realtime reporters (CRRs) in the area. This means you can follow the proceedings as they are happening, in realtime.  Realtime can be streamed on any device – laptop, iPad, cell phone – and from any location!
hyperlinked exhibits
T&T transcripts contain a link to each exhibit for simple exhibit management and easy reference and review.
remote depositions
Let our competent staff handle the technology and setup for your next remote proceeding.  Statewide and multi-state coverage has become even easier with the advancement of technology!
audio and video transcriptions
You can trust us with your files as we work to provide you with an accurate transcription of prior-recorded proceedings or events.

Let our team of certified court reporters help with your proceeding.