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A message to our customers (3/19/20):

Dear Customer,

We have had a number of inquiries regarding options to conduct depositions remotely to avoid travel and being in situations where someone may be uncomfortable being around other people. So, we wanted to reach out and let you know what options we have to offer. We have a physical office in Idaho Falls with multiple conference rooms equipped with the capabilities for anything from IP to IP video conferencing, Zoom mobile video conferencing, and telephone conferencing. As always, there is no charge for the use of our office to conduct a deposition we are reporting for you.

If you would like to have a deposition in your office and have someone join remotely, a T&T Reporting court reporter will bring the Zoom mobile videoconferencing equipment to your office and hook others up from there.

Since we have done depositions remotely for years, our staff is educated on setting any of these options up for you. Please contact us through email or telephone with any questions you may have. We appreciate your business and the opportunity to work with you.

John & Sandy Terrill, Owners
T&T Reporting & Video, LLC

Litigation management services in Idaho Falls, Pocatello and the surrounding areas in Idaho and Western Wyoming.

Our Mission

Your business is in good hands with T&T Reporting & Video. We make sure you get accurate information when you need it. Our real-time transcripts allow you to access your depositions from a laptop or desktop computer via PDF format. At the end of the reporting session or at intervals during the day, a rough draft transcript is available.

Our Services

T&T Reporting & Video provides a comprehensive list of services including court reporting, video depositions, transcription services, and video conferencing ensuring that you get the documentation you need for your case.

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